100 Percent Identical Featured

100% Identical


100% Identical Inside & Out

Our Swiss Replica Rolex watches are indistinguishable to a genuine Rolex both inside and out. We USE A GENUINE ROLEX to replicate it down to an incredible accuracy of a Nano-meter. It’s practically 100% identical in size, weight, materials and markings.

Incredible attention to finish detail ensures that every Rolex engraving and numbering no matter how complex or small is replicated precisely.

All our Swiss replica Rolex watches are engraved with all the correct serial numbers and can be cross referenced.

In fact our Replica Rolex watches are so close to the original that even most experts can’t tell them apart!

The top quality materials and Swiss craftsmanship lead to the ultimate Rolex replica watch ever made. Featuring 100% markings inside and out they look, feel and function identical to a genuine Rolex and feature a genuine Swiss clone movement designed and made in Switzerland.

Moissanite Diamonds Featured

Moissanite Diamonds


Moissanite Diamond Gems

We use the next best thing after real diamonds. Meet the Moissanite diamond gems!

This “silicon carbide” Moissanite gems are 99,99% identical to real diamonds in the way they sparkle under light and in hardness. Its unique bright beauty brings out the best on to our timepieces, making a spectacular statement at a fraction of the cost.

Brilliance Guaranteed to last forever. Often called as “The World’s Most Brilliant Gem”, with unmatched brilliance, this unique gemstone is the ultimate substitute to a diamond. Our entire Moissanite gem line is precisely calibrated and hand-faceted by master gem cutters to emulate the identical brilliance and spark found on an original Rolex diamond.

Sapphire Crystal Featured

Sapphire Crystal


Swiss Made Sapphire Crystal

We are the only Rolex replica watch factory that uses genuine Swiss made sapphire crystal glass.

Swiss Sapphire is the 2nd hardest transparent substance in earth after diamond. Our sapphire crystal comes from the best Swiss factory that produces top-quality boules for Rolex too. So we basically we use the same crystal as Rolex!

Our sapphire crystals have correct 2.5x magnification Cyclops lenses over date and a laser-etched tiny Rolex crown inside the crystal above the 6 O’clock. This tiny laser-etched Rolex crown detail is very hard to see with the naked eye but is visible using a magnifying glass or loop.

Ceramic Bezels Featured

Ceramic Bezels


Scratch-Proof Solid Ceramic Bezel

The Swiss made ceramic material we use is similar to those used for medical and aerospace applications. It’s lightweight, harder than steel, smooth to touch and the color will remain vivid for ever since its unaffected even by sun rays.

We use injection molding to form them and so there is no need for laser engraving later, which can cause micro-fractures and imperfections. Our Swiss Replica Rolex ceramic bezels are therefore the same quality as the genuine Rolex cerachrom bezels.

Ceramic bezel numerals and graduation engravings are coated with real platinum or pure 18K gold so they are identical in color and durability to the original.

Our ceramic material achieves a hardness way beyond steel and even if used daily it will look brand-new for a lifetime.

Luminescense Featured



Blue SuperLuminova Luminescence

We use Swiss made SuperLuminova phosphorescent pigments for illuminating markings on our watch bezel, dials and hands. SuperLuminova™ also called lume, works like a light battery, meaning that after sufficient activation by sunlight or artificial light, it will glow in the dark as a real Rolex does. SuperLuminova glows twice as long as that of standard Rolex luminescent material and gives your watch a bright blue glow that is very pleasant to the eye!

Dlc Coating Featured

DLC Coating


DCL Protective Coating

We are the only replica watch manufacturer that uses DLC (Diamond Like Coating) protective coating to give our watches extra scratch and ware-resistant properties.

Exclusive to our watches the addition of DLC protectant finish coating adds an extremely hard surface film to guard your watch against possible scratches and corrosive fluids like sweat are sea water.

Our DLC coating protects the watch surface by increasing the degree of harness up to 7000 Vickers! Just consider that 18k Gold has a rating of 400 and 904L steel has a rating of 490 Vickers! With this unique protection your watch is over 14x more scratch resistant than even a genuine Rolex!

The DLC protective coating is chemically added to the steel surface using special DLC infusion chambers. It’s totally transparent and is only a few microns thick so does not change the look or the feel of the watch metal but instead it increases the watch’s durability so it will look as good as new for a lifetime!

Keep in mind that this protection coating is not implemented by any other replica watch manufacturer and it’s used exclusively on our watches.

18gold Featured

18K Gold


Pure 18k Gold & Platinum

Most replica watches today use simple plating on their gold and platinum models. We are the only Swiss replica watch factory in the world to use a way costlier gold and platinum precious metals wrapping process to achieve unsurpassed quality.

It takes us 4 days for Solid pure 18k Gold to bond in multiple layers with each layer cool down before additional layers are applied. With this meticulous process we achieve top unsurpassed quality! What’s more, due to the thickness of all the solid gold layers applied your watch will test positive for solid 18k gold!

This process is NOT to be mistaken with gold plating!

Unlike all other replicas that use gold plating our Swiss made Rolex replica watches feature a 200X more superior to simple plating solid pure 18k Gold and platinum wrap technique that offers life-time durability, will never fade away, its 100% hypoallergenic and even tests positive on solid gold testers!

The benefit or our unique gold wrapping technique is that your watch will look and feel just like genuine solid gold Rolex but without the hefty price tag.

In fact our Swiss Rolex replicas will look and feel like a solid 18 Karat Gold watch that not even a jeweler can tell the difference!

904l Steel Featured

904L Steel


Yes we use the Rolex Steel!

All our Swiss replica Rolex watches are being forged from solid 904L stainless steel that is the same steel used by Rolex.

904L steel is a super alloy that has perfect anti-corrosion properties it’s resistant to acids, salt and to a big range of harsh environments and is unfound in any other Rolex replica. When you by a Swiss Replica Rolex from us you are sure that you are getting a Swiss made watch with excellent anti-corrosion properties and waterproof construction as a genuine Rolex.

We use special tools and a huge press to cut the solid 904L steel since it’s harder to machine than other steels used in watches. 904L steel has a higher nickel discharge with higher resistance to rust, corrosion, and pitting resistance. Using 904L steel may look overkill for a replica watch but it’s just another small factor that makes our Swiss Rolex replica watches the best in the world.

Our advanced production techniques to construct our watches are identical to Rolex and so all our Rolex replica parts are interchangeable with genuine parts!

904L steel ensures that our Rolex replicas have the same perfect sheen when polished or satin brushed finish as a genuine Rolex.

Advanced Anti-Magnetic Construction

Magnetism is a big problem for watchmakers and today with the regular proximity of your mobile phone or tablet to your watch it becomes more crucial to protect the watch movement against the effects of magnetism. That is why we use the same ferromagnetic alloys as Rolex in the construction of the case and in key movement parts so your watch remains unaffected by magnetism. That is another key factor that makes our Rolex replica watches the only ones that can keep time accuracy within COSC certification limits.

Waterproof Featured



Waterproof Rolex Replica Watches

Our Swiss Rolex Replica Watches are equipped with Swiss made Sea-Guard Sealants and double core silicone ”O” Rings. These are made from synthetic neoprene silicon which is far more resistant to cracking and corrosion that can be a problem with simple sealants made of natural rubber.

Most Rolex replicas on the market today are fitted with rubber sealants which offer poor water resistance. These also must to be replaced monthly to avoid moisture and dirt damaging the watch.

Our Swiss made sealant gaskets can go up to even 5 years without replace and still offer total protection. That is why we suggest a sealants replacement every five years and not annually that most of the genuine Swiss watch brands demand in order for your warranty to be valid.

Made for the Deep our new Rolex Sea-dwellers feature a full functional helium escape valve and are waterproof tested to 300 meters! The helium release valve ensures that the watch can withstand the changes in pressurization inherent in deep diving. The one-way valve integrated into the watch case activates when the differential between the inside and outside pressure reaches the level to allow helium trapped inside the case to escape. Chances are that you will never actually use this feature, unless you are a deep sea diver, but it there to complete the functional capabilities of this Swiss made professional replica watch.

All our watches are individually tested for water resistance performance to ensure the highest level of quality control.

We perform a standard dry test using Witschi Proofmaster and wet pressure test using Roxer Natator 125. All our watches are tested to 100 meters /330 feet of depth and up to 300 meters /1000 feet of depth for our dive watches.

We guarantee that your individual watch has been thoroughly tested prior to shipping. We perform pressure testing to ensure that all the sealant gaskets and assembly of your watch are watertight so you can enjoy swimming wearing your new Swiss Rolex replica watch!

Movements Featured



Swiss Cloned Rolex Movements

Our Cloned Rolex watches come with a Cloned Rolex Movement 2236, 3130, 3131, 3135, 3156, 3156, 3187, 3235, 3255, 3285, 4130 Caliber Movements. As we claimed, even a jeweler can’t make a difference between an authentic Rolex and our Cloned Rolex Watch. We only produce 500 models of a specific Cloned model to maintain the quality and uniqueness. All of our cloned models come with original SuperLuminova luminescence, latest Rolex updates, correct serial number and exact specification. Please check our Swiss Cloned Rolex collection for the watch of your dreams.

Made in Switzerland

Our Swiss Grade one Rolex replicas are high class crafted timepieces and have the qualities that some other vendor over the internet even can’t imagine. Our Swiss Grade one models come with all the new Rolex updates, Swiss cloned Rolex movements, ETA 2836-2 27 Jewel Movements, Swiss Valjoux 7750 chronographs, Smooth sweeping second hand, 18K Gold wrap on all 2-tone and gold models, 100% correct date fonts, and many more qualities. We have a huge collection of Replica watches models here on swissreplica.cd. You need a Swiss replica Rolex like, Swiss replica date just or replica submariner, or a yacht master, just send us an email or visit the related section.

Rolex Movement Swiss Cloned

The movement is the most important part of the watch. The main characteristics of our Swiss made cloned movements are:

  • Exclusive New 31 Jewel  Cloned Movement
  • 42-72 Hour Power Reserve
  • 100% Swiss Parts assembled in our Private  Swiss watch Labs
  • Looks exactly like a Rolex Movement!

The Swiss Replica Watch Company uses only the finest Swiss parts available with 100% of the movement production done inside a Swiss laboratory. We have taken our world renowned Oris updated 31 Jewel movement which was our staple movement for years and modified it to look like a true Rolex original movement. The upgrade consists of 42-72 hour power reserve, frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour which is the same sweep as an original movement and an impressive 31 jewels to complete the transformation. So when the jeweler opens up your watch it will contain a 2236, 3130, 3131, 3135, 3156, 3156, 3187, 3235, 3255, 3285, or 4130 depending on the model you purchase and they will not be able to tell it is a clone.

Here are the specifications of the new movement:

  • ETA/ORIS Movement Base 25j, Modified to 31 Jewels
  • Dimensions 28.5mm by 6.0mm
  • Full Balance Bridge, Breguet over-coil spring
  • Automatic Bi-Directional Winding
  • Nano tech oils lubrication
  • Power Reserve: 42-72 hours
  • 28,800 vibrations per hour same sweep as original
  • Hacking mechanism
  • (-3/+3 secs/day accuracy)
  • Hour, minute, central seconds, quick-set date, instantaneous date change
  • Chronometer within official Swiss certificate limits COSC

In 2006 the Swiss Replica Watch Company made history by introducing an Oris Updated 27 Jewel ETA movement which for the time was simply the finest movement ever found inside a replica watch. We are proud to say that years later we have outdone ourselves and continue to set the standards for the Swiss replica watch industry.

Our Swiss Lab has taken the original Oris 27 Jewel ETA Movement Caliber 643 and updated it to look exactly the same as a Rolex movement. After months of modifications and testing we are happy to announce that all our cloned models now feature Rolex Cloned Movements which feature an impressive 31 jewels and up to 72 hour power reserve, same technical specifications of an original Rolex Movement! With the addition bridge and wheels added, even when your jeweler opens up your replica watch they will not be able to tell it’s a replica!

Depending on the model you order; the movement will contain a 2236, 3130, 3131, 3135, 3156, 3156, 3187, 3235, 3255, 3285, or 4130 Cloned Movement which will duplicate exactly the same functions and operations of its original counterpart.