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Trevor, Florida

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Jeff, Indiana

"When I opened the package I was amazed with the fantastic presentation box just like the original and I was delighted to see the additional rubber strap with the screwdriver for adjustments.
The watch itself is quite simply amazing with everything working as it should, it has not lost a second since I started to wear it!
Quality is superb and you could not tell that the watch is cloned as the quality of material is identical to the original
It has been receiving envious looks and comments from my colleagues.
I have bought several other replica watches on various websites and have been let down in every way. This is the first clone I have bought and I must admit I was having doubts spending that amount of money. I felt you were over exaggerating with your advertising, but everything you said was delivered on!!
I an in no way associated with this company but I am more than happy for any person considering purchasing a clone to contact me.
It is worth every penny and I am so happy that I made the decision to purchase.
Guys very well done on a very pleasant experience, you will be getting many more orders for me in the future."
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"I don't know where to begin. I spent weeks researching and reviewing sites and options for ordering a Swiss Replica. You can imagine that this kind of purchase can make a person nervous.  Thanks to your advice, reassurance, and previous testimonials I proceeded with my order.  As you know I became more and more anxious as it got closer to the arrival date.

I have now had my Hublot Big Bang Clone for 3 days and can't keep my eyes off of it.  It is absolutely PERFECT and I have had a dozen compliments at work already.  There is NO WAY that anyone , short of a Hublot watch maker, could ever tell the difference.  I might venture to say that even he couldn't tell the difference. As you know I was so thrilled I ordered a Rolex clone the next day and I am already reviewing your options for an AP clone."
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"I spent weeks doing my research online trying to weed through the thousands of sites online; I almost gave up until I came across Swissreplica. I had found many positive and negative feedback on the site online but sometimes you just don't know who is writing that stuff as it could be a competitor or just an unhappy customer. I have an online business myself so I know that some people can be pretty nasty online. Anyway I wanted to say that I couldn't be more pleased with what I received! I have an original 1992 sub that I'm afraid to wear as it was a gift - but this clone I received is heavier and even better quality than my older genuine watch. I paid a bit over a $1,000 and now I have an awesome watch. Thanks alot guys! I will definitely be back for more!.
John, California

"Tom, I got the watch last week and you guys really did produce on your promise. This is the best, most accurate, replica I have ever seen. It is too bad that your competitors post false statements on your company. Anyways, I took the watch to mayors in Sarasota over the weekend and the jeweler didn't even detect a difference. When you guys are able to clone a platinum yacht master let me know because I will buy again without any hesitation"
Scott, Florida

"My experience with and Tom could not have been better. Tom was extremely helpful, didn't mind a million pre-sale questions from me, and guided me toward a product that wasn't necessarily more expensive, but was definitely the best. I read some things on the internet which painted Swissreplica in a pretty negative light, but went ahead with my purchase nonetheless, giving them a chance to prove that wrong. I cannot express how delighted I was when my watch arrived! It is utterly stunning, completely flawless, and has the same look, feel, weight and finish of the gen. Having owned several gen Rolexes over the years, I can testify to the fact it is impossible for me to tell the difference. I will not only shop with again but I have already recommended them to several watch collector friends. Anyone who claims these are not honest guys is not being honest with themselves, and I plan on making that known to anyone who asks. Oh, and yes I am a real person not a shill. Thank you Tom! You underpromised and overdelivered!"
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Miles, AA

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"I don't buy many items from the net as I may be old fashion and like to see before I buy. I know that many replica sites clam that with COD you can inspect the watch before you pay, but this isn't true as I found out when I contacted UPS and FedEx. Immediately I presumed if these sites could lie about that what chance do I have getting what I paid for??I am glad I shopped with you guys. I got honesty and a wonderful watch many thanks."
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"I'm loving it!"
John, CA

"I'm loving it!"
John, CA

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"I love you Swissreplica!!! My watch is just awesome; I leave on vacation next week thanks for the timely arrival."
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"I love you Swissreplica!!! My watch is just awesome; I leave on vacation next week thanks for the timely arrival."
Brent, CA

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Adam, Canada

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Gianni, GA

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"heres a good one replica lovers this really happened. i was at our neighborhood yard sale this weekend and was wearing my diamond and gold presidental when i was trying to get a fellow neighbor to come down in price on a lawnmover he had for sale ,when just when i thought i had him the sun hit one of the stones in the watch and he nearly sh-t his pants when he saw the watch ,and no he would'nt belive me when i said it was a replica!!!!and needless to say he did'nt budge on the price either .but hey now i'm the talk of the town . folks we all work hard in this mean old world so go on and live a little you can't go wrong with any model you see here buy one and enjoy the fun....."
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"Hello everyone, I have been looking for an affordable Rolex for sometime now, but it just didn't seem feasible to purchase one at this time. You can imagine my enthusiasm when I came across this website. I have read every testimonial from ecstatic patrons, and the praise of the craftmanship/quality is astounding. My dilemma is not if to buy, but which to purchase. Does anyone own/know how the Clone and Grade 1 compare to each other. I am interested in the Submariner, but I am unsure whether to purchase the Clone or the Grade 1. How much better quality is the Clone? Is it extremely obvious? What about the water resistence of the Clone vs. Grade 1? The sweeping motion? the weight? the detail???? I welcome all advice, especially from those of you that have bought both versions. I am a little skeptical, but when I read your honest feedback it made me feel comfortable in my decision to purchase from this company. Please be as detailed and honest as possible when describing the difference between the Clone vs. Grade 1. Thank you in advance for your honest advice. I too look forward to owning a Swissreplica replica Rolex. THX"
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Mike, VA

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